3.3v Pin Reset

Fisherbrand Adhesive Tape

Unknown Brand Kapton Tape. This is a revision to the guide in 2020 to reflect the *proper* tape you should use for this task. The Fisherband adhesive tape can get sticky over long use, b/c it is adhesive tape. Kapton tape is not really adhesive or sticky.

Cut a small strip. I've been reusing this strip for a while for 2 drives. It is being held in place with forceps.

This is dead ass a ball of kapton tape. It is a bit harder to manage b/c It isn't very sticky, but it is also doesn't pass electricity or catch fire like that.

Pin out for SATA power connector.

The right most (your right) image has the arrow pointing to the coding pin. My last picture was taken on an iPhone something with crappy lighting, so this revision is to better point that out. The SATA POWER coding in is that little hump that prevents you from plugging up the drive incorrectly. Which would be bad.

Previous picture showed this with adhesive tape. That image was deleted so that we can show this being done the *right* way. Cut a strip of tape that completes covers pins 1, 2, and 3 from the coding notch. Use an LED flashlight and make sure that none of pin 3 is visible, but take great care to not cover Pin 4. Or put your glasses on. See the space between the tape and pin 4? You want to see that. To achieve this cut, I held the tape taut with forceps, and cut a strip that is about 4 mm in width, and the length of the tape we will worry about later. I use tweezers to press down the tape into the grooves. The SATA power connector will make this, but I do it anyways to make sure the tape sticks. Kapton tape isn't very sticky and you want to make sure the tape has the most surface area possible.

*snip* I snip a section off and leave enough to fold it over. There are NO pins on the other side! The fold over is to ensure that when SATA power is disconnected, there isn't a small piece of wayward tape stuck in the power port. Or if it does, it is long enough that I can safely remove it from the power connector *when the power has been turned off, the PSU switch has been turned off, and the PC power button pressed to discharge any remaining power.* Be safe if this happens.

Post fold.

Final product with the proper tape for this job. The fold over has increase the surface area, and you are left with a proper product you can use.